5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Posts More Engaging

5 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Posts More Engaging

Building an online presence has become a necessary task for running a business in our digital age.  However, using social media accounts to promote your business can be a little intimidating. Facebook is the most widely used social media platform world wide, but simply creating a Facebook page usually is not enough to get the most of out of the tool. Here are some ways to make to make sure that your Facebook page posts effectively promoting your business and engaging your customer base:

1) Post consistently and regularly. Having an under-maintained or dormant looking page does not do much to ensure your online market that your business is reliant or engaged with its customers. If you have a page:

· Select consistent times each day/ week to post.

· Do not go too long without posting on your page.

· Use the Facebook Scheduler tool or other social media management tools such as Facebook or Sprout Social to schedule posts in the future, and at optimal times when your followers are online.

2) Make sure that all of your posts are not self promotional. For the most part, social media users are not online to be advertised and sold to. People want to feel like other accounts they follow or engage with are “human.”

There are ways to promote your brand without being to aggressive or corporate. Make sure that at least 20% of your posts come from other sources or are about topics that purely exist to provide relevant or friendly content to your readers. For example. If your business sells cars, you might post a motor blogs “Top 10 Hybrids of 2014” to give your readers relevant content or simply write a friendly “Happy Father’s Day” with an image of a Dad in a car with his kids on Father’s Day.

Happy Father's Day

3) Share photos with every post. Social media users are inundated with a tremendous amount of content online. Posting a photo is one way to quickly catch users’ attention and get them to share your content more. For example if you are a bar posting about a new Happy Hour special, share a funny meme about Happy Hours, preferably an original image with your logo. This way when it gets shared, your brand with be identified with the content.


4) Put in an engaging element in your post that requires your followers to respond. Including a question or a “fill in the blank” in your post will ask followers to provide their input, and will likely lead to further engagement with other followers. For example, if you are a band sharing a post about an upcoming show. Along with sharing information about the time and place of the event, you might say “What song would you guys like to see us cover this week?!” or “My favorite My Band Is Awesome song is ____________.”

5) Engage with other pages like yours. Social media marketing is a little different than other types of marketing. Just because another business that offers the same service or goods that your business does has a Facebook page, it does not mean you should avoid it. Social media is about communities and networking. So engaging with others in your industry will help your build a community and gain exposure. If your business is a dress boutique, you should like and engage with other clothing designers, boutiques and stylists and vendors by sharing, liking or commenting on their content. There is a good chance that some of their followers might become your followers and that they will return the favor in the future.

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