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About Us

Tran and Partners Inc is an integrated marketing consulting and web development company, located in Atlanta Georgia.

We offer growth-desired companies creative, strategic and data-driven marketing solutions to increase sales, promote awareness, strengthen brands and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Company's Values

Honesty. Integrity. Trust.

Mission & Goals

Our mission and goal is very simple – do great work, be honest, have integrity, deliver results and build strong trusting relationships.

At the end of the day, clients require bottom line results.  We believe that by helping our clients grow profitably and by building strong trusting relationships, we too can grow and prosper as well.

Why to choose our Company?

Our team consists of knowledgeable, driven, hard-working, accountable, and creative (or so we think) individuals that are willing to push above and beyond for our clients.  In addition, we understand where you are coming from because:

  • We’ve SPENT countless late nights committing our best to our clients and their success
  • We UNDERSTAND the need to grow profitably
  • We KNOW what it takes and how important it is to have a reliable, trustworthy, accountable, and deliverable partner to be there when you need them most
  • We DELIVER bottom line results only, no excuses
  • Therefore, we HOPE for the opportunity to serve you
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