At Tran and Partners, we love what we do and more importantly, we care.  Our business foundation was built on the vision of supporting and providing small businesses with the education and information necessary to start, grow, and prosper.  We have learned through our experience that one person, alone, cannot do everything.  But together, we can do a whole lot more for each other and help each other grow into the future.

Past weekend, our team volunteered at the General Electric Energy APAF Good Shepherd Volunteer Event.  The event was to renovate and improve the Good Shepherd Services in Atlanta building center.  The building was old and needed improvement such as swapping carpet with flooring, change out gutters, waterproofing basement, gardening/mulching, building a path/landscaping, replacing siding, add more insulation, enhance air circulation in classroom, and painting exterior.

We were amazed at the contribution and effort that General Electric is giving back to the community.  Please check out our photos of these amazing volunteers.

GE Volunteer
GE Volunteer(2)
GE Volunteer4
Yard work
GE Volunteer 5
Fixing the siding
GE Volunteer 2
Replacing the gutters
GE Volunteer 6
Adding insulation
GE Volunteer 7
GE Volunteer 8
GE Volunteer 9
GE Volunteer 10
GE Volunteer 11
Precision 2
GE Volunteer 12
Yard work3


The Good Shepherd Services of Atlanta is a non-profit organization that assists battered women and children, provides family counseling, and DUI & Domestic Violence counseling for the needy in the Atlanta metro area, serving predominantly Asians and Hispanics.

Other services provided are: after school programs, summer programs and weekend cultural enrichment programs for children; parenting and childcare classes; English language classes; citizenship classes; Immigration service: family reunion, green card, citizenship application service, translation and interpretation services; services to the elderly.

General Electric is a top Fortune 500 company.  From turbines to TV, from household appliances to power plants, General Electric (GE) is plugged in to businesses that have shaped the modern world. The company produces — take a deep breath — aircraft engines, locomotives and other transportation equipment, kitchen and laundry appliances, lighting, electric distribution and control equipment, generators and turbines, and medical imaging equipment. GE is also one of the US’s pre-eminent financial services providers: GE Capital, comprising commercial finance, commercial aircraft leasing, real estate, and energy financial services, is its largest segment. GE’s other segments are Energy, Aviation, Healthcare, Home & Business Solutions, and Transportation.

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