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Strategies that work

Strategic Marketing

All businesses need customers.  Attracting customers can be one of the biggest challenges that some companies will face, which is why one would need to have an effective and strategic marketing approach.

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Create strong branding

Brand Development

Branding development is an important building process for a business to create an emotional bond and communicate relative value with customers. A brand is the perception, extension, and reputation of a business, products and services.

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Fully responsive website

Responsive Web Design

At Tran and Partners, we have an integrated team of web programmers, creative designers, and content writers that are committed to providing high-quality, creative, and cost effective website design services.

We specialize in small to medium sized business.  Our team and technology are highly responsive.  Seeing is believing.  Please check out our portfolio and ask us how we can create a beautiful website for you today!

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Rank high organically

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important for the success of any business website because today’s consumers are technologically savvier and will quickly turn to the Internet to search about products or services.

Sites that rank at the top of the search engines will be chosen by web users more often and the search results vastly affects the number of web visitors and possibly leads for the business.

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Generate the right buzz

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) refers to the online process and utilization of social media sites to gain traffic or attention for a business products or services. This online marketing and communication approach acts as a huge word-of-mouth with the goal to ultimately engage businesses with the online users.

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