The first thing you need to ask is why people use search engines.  Most people use search engines to research, shop, or for entertainment.  They’re either looking for answers to something or to fulfill a specific purpose.

The next thing to know is that search engine optimization is defined as the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engines via the organic search orpay per click ads (PPC).  Organic search results are listings on search engines results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as apposed to being pay-per-click “advertisements”.  Typically, the top listed or higher ranked on the search results page and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more likely web visitors will visit the website.

Be aware of “SEO experts” who claims that they can get you on the first result page immediately.  The truth is no one can guarantee an immediate ranking on the first page of  Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.  The effort is much more than it sound and it will require a lot of strategies, effort, and on-going development.

We recommend that you should define and strategize the SEO goals, objectives, and budget first.  The following are suggestions for you to take a look into when working on SEO:

  • Build a SEO friendly website (this involves optimization of website coding so that search engines can “crawl” or scan the website effectively)
  • Develop keywords, contents, and links strategies to create and connect keywords search relevancy
  • Set up profiles and directories
  • Understand Search Engine Results Page (SERP), organic search versus pay per click ads
  • Utilize Social Media Marketing
  • Identify which online advertising channel is effective for your products or services
  • Track site visitor with Analytics Intelligence

Still don’t get it?  Check out this video about SEO:

[learn_more caption="FREE ONLINE DIRECTORIES"]

Below are several free online directories that you can sign up to help bring backlinks to your website:

  1. Google Places for Business
  2. Bing Business Portal
  3. Manta
  4. Hotfrog
  5. SoMuch.com
  6. You can add url to the best of the internet directory. Our url is added under Marketing Support Services Directory
[/learn_more] If you’re thinking about optimizing your website and don’t know where to start, please email us or call us at 678-861-1230 today for a complimentary consultation and learn how our SEO strategies can help you as it did for our clients.

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